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Elevator Cabin
The Elevator Cabins are perfect for malls, domestic and commercial areas due to their smart engineering design. These are equipped with fan, stylish lighting and proper ventilation system.
Passenger Elevator
Passenger Elevators are manufactured for carrying 6 to 13 person comfortably and have sufficient space for standing & taking stretchers and cartons. The doors of the lifts are automatic in function.
Elevator Machines
Elevator Machines are installed at terrace for pulling the lifts up and down smoothly without any trouble. These are compact, single shalt traction and have strong structural integrity.
Microprocessor Down Collective Panel
Microprocessor Collective Panels are automatic in function and supply sufficient voltage for running the elevator when light goes off. These are simple to install and require low maintenance.
Automatic Elevator
Automatic Elevators are designed and manufactured to carry 6-13 person at single time from one floor to another. The provided elevators are spacious and have smooth pushing buttons.
LOP and COP Buttons
LOP and COP Buttons offered by us are used to control operation of elevators. Driven by DC power, these buttons have maximum 50 degree C operating temperature. Long lasting quality, reasonable price and ergonomic look are the key aspects of these buttons.
Capsule Elevators
Offered range of Capsule Elevators has been specially designed for safe transportation of multiple passengers from one floor to the other. Perfect for various commercial structures, these glass covered elevators are highly durable.
Elevator ARD
This array of Automatic Elevator Rescue Devices has been specially designed by using quality approved components. Error free operation, application of advanced technology and accurate dimension are their key features.
ARD Control Panel
ARD Control Panels are offered with standard accessories like a number of switches and lockable gates. These maintenance free control panels can be accessed with various advanced features. Long lasting quality is one of their main aspects.

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